5 Best Testing Practices for Mobile in 2022

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Mobile testing is a vital component of your development process to ensure your users have a great experience when using your mobile app. There are various other competitors prepared to take your user for every negative experience your customer encounters on your app.

Mobile app testing if not done properly may be time consuming and expensive. This is because there are numerous operating systems (OS), device sizes even user scenarios out into consideration.

Here are our recommended test practices for mobile in 2021.

1. Selecting the right test device

In selecting the right device, you need to put a few things into consideration. The total number of devices that you require to conduct the app test depends on the number of platforms and types of screen sizes that you target.

Your device checklist should have

  • The device, tablet or smartphone.
  • App version supported.
  • Screen sizes of the devices.
  • The OS versions.
  • Most used device among your users.

2. Usability and UI testing

To find the ideal use case for your app, you need a comprehensive knowledge of your app, how it runs and the brand archetype.
After understanding the app, you need to ensure the user’s journey while using the app is as stress free as feasible. In simple terms, the app needs to be user friendly to suit both the new users and old users.

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3. Functional testing using real environments

Functional testing entails testing your app on numerous devices with varying screen size to make sure your app functions well.
The genuine environments ensure that your app withstands scenarios such as multiple timezones, network connections and change in mobile notifications or settings.

4. Determining the right test (Manual or Automated)

You need to decide the correct test for your device because you need to take into account the type of equipment and problem at hand. For a large testing, it is advisable to employ automated testing.

5. Performance Based Tests

You need to do a performance based test to guarantee your app does not have a performance hug. You also need to take into account the battery, disk space and computing power.

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