Asssured is rapidly growing to become one of Nigeria’s largest quality control and user testing providers. Asssured links the right procedure with the right instrument to boost your productivity. Each client and project receives a wide range of services from us. As a result, our testing approach has been streamlined and made more efficient.

User testing is an important aspect of your digital process. Therefore, with us, you are always assured that your app, services, or website gets to the market on time and works flawlessly all the time. Our unique approach goes beyond the limitations of automation and offshoring to give you authentic insight, from real people in real­-world settings. Besides, we assist companies to increase the quality of product deliverables by improving ability to release products quicker and more often.

Introducing Asssured into the User testing space
QA testing from the best

We are actively with you at any (and every) phase of your application development process. Using an impressive lineup of QA testing technology, we help you release the highest-quality product possible. For this purpose, we provide World Class QA and QS Testing Services For Any Software Product.

Why Asssured?

1. Our People, (also known as world class testers)

At Asssured, we have experienced testers with background in Software Engineering, Product Management, Customer Experience and UI/UX.

We work with world-Class tester from top Software Companies at IBM and Decagon.

2. Industry Focused Team

We have product manager with Industry Expertise in FSS and Banking. In fact, have a number of Fin-tech product in our Portfolios.

3. Our Tools 

We use the latest testing technologies like CI/CD in the cloud for automated testing. We use tools like Jenkins, Github, Selenium, Cyprus, AWS, JMeter, Katalon, Trello.

4. Our Agile Process

We embrace Agile way of working and reporting for our testing and vet our tests to ensure objective  Asides that, our test are also well documented to allow recreation of scenarios.

In conclusion, at Asssured, we match the right process with the right tool to enhance your productivity. We take a full-service approach to every client and project. Therefore, our testing process is streamlined and effective. Of course, you can drop by anytime, we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days. We do this because we want you to be Asssured.