The software testing industry is changing all across the world. Companies are now user-centric, ensuring a consistent user experience and consumer journey.

Several software applications on the market are saturated with bugs that could have been prevented with proper testing before release. Companies are becoming conscious of the importance of testing. 

Several software testing businesses in Nigeria stood out due to their processes, portfolios, reputations, and work ethics. 

If you’re looking for a QA company to work with, here are our top five recommendations, in no particular order.

  • Asssured

The first is Assured, a software testing and delivery company. With Asssured, you can rest assured that your software, app, service, or website will arrive on time and will function flawlessly at all times.

Quality Control & Testing App Delivery is ensured by Assured.  Above all, Assured offers world-class QA and QS testing for any software product. 

The innovative approach goes beyond automation and offshore. This aids to provide you with genuine information from actual individuals in real-world situations. 

Asssured’s testing service cuts across several industries. Among the industries are, health, banks, e-commerce, logistics, education funding, startups, and more. 

  • Tezza Business Solutions 

Secondly is Tezza Business Solutions Ltd is a company that specializes in software development, quality assurance, and software testing. 

They’ve been around since 2000 and they also specialize in product creation as a value-added service for their clients. 

They have extensive experience in banking, insurance, healthcare, government parastatals, private industry, and lastly, the telecommunications markets. 

Asides that, they build and implement result-oriented customised solutions so as to collaborate better with their clients. 

  •  Sharptester 

Thirdly, Sharptester is a Nigeria-based software testing and training company. They serve global clients as a software testing firm. In the same vein, they ensure the quality of their products, services, web, mobile, and desktop applications across multiple domains. 

  • Summitech Computing Limited 

Fourthly is Summitech Computing Ltd is a Nigerian digital team of young and ambitious minds. They have worked on some of the country’s most cutting-edge tech products and provides cutting-edge technical solutions. They offer services such as web design and development, mobile application development, QA outsourcing, IT support, and social media management. 

  • Kordahi Technologies

Finally, we have Kordahi Technologies, a dedicated Quality Assurance panel in Nigeria. In order words, this is for an ideal PDLC (Product Development Life Cycle), chronological error solving, real-time testing, excellent prototypes, and acceptable code mass. 

They believe in handing over a project that is readily controllable. This can further be returned to previous stable states during crucial moments. 

In conclusion, testing in Nigeria is definitely an untapped gold mine because it has endless possibilities.