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Test coverage  

Functional testing, UI testing

Communication tools 

Trello, Google meet


ZipAwoof is Nigeria’s most popular online discount auction site. ZipAwoof is a one-of-a-kind online e-commerce site that allows you to bid on brand new things and win them at up to 90% off the auctioned price. 


For Zipawoof, our team had to examine and test the Freebid, Pay Bid, and Richest solutions. We didn’t have any testing documentation from Zipawoof because it was the first testing iteration. Our QA team wanted to examine the service and prepare a complete checklist encompassing all functional elements before starting the testing process.


We began by making a thorough checklist. All functional aspects of the service were identified and allocated to each team member to test the entire system at the same time. 

Quality Assurance test of Zipawoof

All found functional problems (bugs) and erroneous system behaviour were discussed within the testing team as well as with the development team to gain a better understanding of the root cause of each issue and how to resolve it. 

Following the completion of the service evaluation, the QA team examined each bidding solution. This is because these service components contain sophisticated logic with a large number of operators and parameters that interact with one another.

Our QA engineers carried out functional and user interface testing. Due to the service’s sophisticated features, functional testing was required. Zipawoof has a full-fledged interface on both its official website and the bidding pages that use the solution, thus UI testing was also required. 


The checklist helped to structure the testing approach and allowed the Zipawoof team to follow testing progress and outcomes in real-time. 

We discovered functional flaws and UI bugs ranging in severity from minor to major. Our engineers advised that the UI tooltips be improved to be more informative.

We also advised that new features be implemented with caution, particularly when they are intimately connected with other areas of the system.

The QA approach aided the Zipawoof team in improving the functioning and user experience of their service. The complete checklist from the first round of testing is still used in subsequent rounds of testing.

Since partnering with Asssured, Zipawoof’s conversion rate has increased by 50%, and the site is now 98 percent faster than before. This has boosted the value of Zipawoof’s brand and the user experience.

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