What are User Testing Tools?

User testing tools are tools used for streamlining and gathering meaningful insights into how your product is perceived and experienced by users. 

With Usability testing, you understand your users’ problems and desires. With this information, you can continue enhancing your product. This helps you with putting your prototype, app or website in front of real people. Asides this, you will also see how they complete a specific activity, session or discover issues during usage. 

The end goal for every user testing tool is to analyse the data gotten and most importantly, improve user experience. 

Here are our top 5 user testing tools in no particular order.

  • Crazy Egg

The first is Crazy Egg, which has heatmaps, User Recordings, and A/B Testing. They show how clients relate with your website or application in real time.

Asides this, they have filters to aid you in understanding your client segment and use case.

  • Lookback

With Lookback , you have all you need to conduct user tests with your own volunteers in one spot. Lookback enables you to relate directly with participants in moderated user testing both live and face-to-face. You can broadcast your research to your team and encourage them to watch and learn from it by using the “Live” option.

  • ​​TryMyUi

TryMyUi is an effective SAAS usability testing platform for user research and design insight. They provide video demonstrations of real people visiting any website. Finally, TrymyUI’s core feature set is similar to those of other user testing tools, including impression testing, written questionnaires, demographic curation, and so on. 

  • ​​Usabilla

Usabilla is a customer-centric testing tool that aids in the enhancement of digital experiences on websites, applications, and emails. Enterprises gain the ideal solution to capture the voice of their customers, collect quantitative and qualitative data, and put insights into actions that drive performance through tailored surveys and embedded feedback choices.

  • Userbrain 

Lastly, Userbrain is a remote usability testing service that specializes in continuous testing. You can purchase and view films of real people interacting with your website in real time.

You will learn what people think and do in order to create better products for happier customers. On smartphones, computers, and tablets, you may test a variety of current websites, those in development, prototypes, and even competitor sites.

In as much as there are several user testing tools, it is easier to outsource directly to a testing company to handle from the testing, project management and the result.

At Asssured, we have a hybrid testing capacity of QA Engineers and average users testing products real time. You can opt out to see how people relate with your service, how users feel and think across every journey. With Asssured, you can rest assured that your software, app, service, or website will arrive on time and above all, function flawlessly at all times.

In conclusion, Assured offers world-class QA and QS testing for any software product.