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Faster Testing, Quality Product

With us, you are always assured that your app, services, or website gets to the market on time and works flawlessly all the time.


Asssuring Quality Control & Testing App Delivery

With us, you are always assured that your app, services, or website gets to the market on time and works flawlessly all the time.

Why you Should Choose Assured?

We Provide World Class Quality Assurance and Testing Services For Any Software Product.

Ship Quality Product Faster

Leverage Assured full range of web and mobile testing and get the speed, quality, and coverage you need to ship with confidence in days, not months.

24/7 Support

Our testing process is streamlined and very effective. Chat with us anytime, we are available to answer all enquiries 24/7.

Maximize Testing ROI

We help companies maximize their ROI on testing by saving cost on headcount and testing devices and uncovering bugs that would have been costly to the business.

What We Test

If your software works on it, we can test it.


Assured tests the web applications and websites before they go live for end users.


We test smartwatches, clothing, and fitness trackers to help you release high-quality products.


With software testing outsourcing services, we ensure app meets the users' expectations.


Desktop application testing makes your business products accessible and adaptable.


We test eHealth, fitness, and other niche software solutions from start to finish.


The neat analysis by Assured will help you release a product that reaches global audiences.


As a leading Magento QA testing service, we can take your e-commerce presence to the next level.


With software QA services from Assured, you can seize new opportunities of the mobile gaming industry.

Our Services

We can get involved at any (and every) phase of your application development process.

Using an impressive lineup of QA testing technology, we help you release the highest-quality product possible.

QA Audit & Consulting
Quality Asssurance Coaching

We get involved at any stage of your product development and review your quality approach.

We integrate into the early stages of your workflow and continuously refine your processes, design improvements and coach your team to be quality-focused in delivery.

Managing processes
Scrum Master

We assist with tracking your team’s deliverables and ensuring blockers are removed.

Agile software development is now commonplace. The benefit is quick releases, which means you release value to customers faster and more often.

Better Together
DevOps and Software Testing

We work with you to review your product offering to your customers and assess its quality rating.

By utilizing our expertise in reviewing your applications, you will gain information which will help you make decisions on your market readiness or market acceptance.

Entire Product Lifecycle
Product Management

We would ensure your vision comes to life and give you reports on its progress every step of the way.

By managing your portfolio, we would nurture, grow and plant your product or service in the market. The rewards of a quality product is a steady increase in your bottom line.

Our Process

At Assured, we match the right process with the right tool to enhance your productivity

Test Planning

Artifacts and Strategy

Activity: Software requirements and design review, strategy and plan development.

Deliverables: Test Strategy, Test Plan, Test Estimation.

Test Execution

Design and Execution

Activity: Designing the tests, setting up the testing environment executing the test cases.

Deliverables: Test Cases/Scripts, Test Environment, Test Results.

Test Reporting

Documentation and Reporting

Activity: Writing reports and documenting the testing results based on the risk assessment of the project.

Deliverables: Test Results, Test/Defect Metrics, Test Closure Report.

Experience Our Case Studies

Reimagining business through experience. The following case studies demonstrate how Assured Testing is in the business of creating comprehensive experiences from start to finish.


A Comprehensive Review of eNaira App- Nigeria’s Digital Currency  

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QA of Zipawoof: Africa’s #1 Auction Store

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